Alaina & Johnny Got Married!/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

Congratulations to Alaina and Johnny! It was a beautiful ceremony at the Voorhees Chapel at the University of Jamestown and a heck of a party out at the Masonic Lodge. Alaina, Johnny, and there friends and family took such care to make their special day beautiful and it was a success. It’s all in the details.

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3 month/ Child Photography, Jamestown ND

Well, here we are little C. Three months already. This year is just going to fly by so fast. I can hardly handle your cuteness at three months of age. See you at your half birthday!

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6 months/ Child Photography, Jamestown ND

Baby B. What can I say about your cuteness? Nothing. I think these pictures speak for themselves. Your mommy and daddy are going to have to beat them off with a stick. This little girl just oozes sweetness. I’m pretty sure when you are older and get in trouble, one look with those amazeballs will get you out of anything. I could look at them forever.

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It’s All In the Details/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

I just loved taking part in Kelsey and Joe’s special day. They are such an amazing couple. Anyone can tell that they are truly in love. The day started out with scary torrential downpour (not good for a backyard wedding), but ended up being a very beautiful day. It’s like mother nature just new how important it was to shape up in time. Here’s the first part of many to showcase this beautiful wedding.

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6 months/ Child Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

The last time I saw this little man he was about 7 days new. Now look at him! Takes me back to both of my kids when they were this age. Before they could climb, fall down and destroy a room in 5 minutes flat. Just wait mom and dad. Savor this moment. As always it was a pleasure to spend some time with your adorable little guy.

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