And then there were two/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

I’m just wrapping up photos for Alaina and Johnny’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding at the Voorhees Chapel and gorgeous reception and The Jamestown Masonic Lodge. I’m constantly searching for moments of true love, happiness and joy in my photography. These two have given me plenty of material to work with. I congratulate you on your wedding and wish you a life filled with love.

” I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.”

Jerome1 Jerome8 Jerome14 Jerome17 Jerome27 Jerome74 Jerome78 Jerome97 Jerome98 Jerome105 Jerome112 Jerome117 Jerome119 Jerome143 Jerome144 Jerome150 Jerome176 Jerome180 Jerome184 Jerome232 Jerome236 Jerome237 Jerome238 Jerome242 Jerome243 Jerome246 Jerome250 Jerome257 Jerome261 Jerome269 Jerome273 Jerome275 Jerome282 Jerome292 Jerome294 Jerome299 Jerome306 Jerome309 Jerome310 Jerome311 Jerome312 Jerome314 Jerome318 Jerome320 Jerome321 Jerome323 Jerome329 Jerome331 Jerome340 Jerome342 Jerome344 Jerome346 Jerome347 Jerome348 Jerome365 Jerome374 Jerome375 Jerome382 Jerome384 Jerome387 Jerome388 Jerome390 Jerome393